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Coding Decoding 15 Solved Examples # 2

Example No. 1: If HARISH is coded as ITJSBI, then how would REEMAbe coded?
Sol: In this case, the immediate next letter in the alphabet is taken and the code is written in the reverse order i.e. the code for the letter H is I and it is in the end, the code for A is B and it is second from the end, similarly the code for R is S and it is third from the end and so on. While coding the word REEMA, the code for R will be S and it would be written in the end, similarly the codes for E, E, M and A would be F, F, N and B respectively. And the final code would be BNFFS. This type is called as+1 and reverse order.

Example No. 2: If CALENDAR = QZCMDKZB, then NEELAM = ?
Sol: This type is just a bit different from the previous type. This is called – 1 and reverse order. Now C – 1 = B and it is the last letter in the code, code for A, L, E are Z, K and D respectively and these are written as the second, third and fourth letter respectively from the end of the word in the code. Similarly the code for the word NEELAM would be LZKDDM.

Example No. 3: If RELATION = 95312965, then MANAGEMENT = ?
Sol: In this case, the code for every letter is its position in the alphabetic order, represented as a single digit. If its position is already a single number, then it is simply assigned as the code,and if there are two digits in its position, then those digits are added to get the code for that letter. In this case R is the 18th letter so itscode would be 1 + 8 = 9, E is the 5th letter so its code is 5, L isthe 12th letter so its code is 1 + 2 = 3, A is 1 and so on.Similarly when the code for the word MANAGEMENT is made. M is 13, 1 + 3 = 4. A= 1, N is 14 1 + 4 = 5, A = 1, G = 7 and so on. The final code for the word MANAGEMENT would be 4151754552

Example No. 4: If the code for the number 84219643 is 24139864,then what is the code for 97658256 ?
Sol: In this case, the eight-lettered number has been broken into two parts i.e. 84219643, the underlined part is 1st part starting with 2 and ending with 6,the second part is 4384, starting with 4 and ending with 4. So while making code 1 number from each part is taken. 2 is taken from part 1, then 4 is taken from part 2, 1 is taken from part 1, 3 is taken from part 2 and so on.

Similarly while coding 97658256, you should also take the digits at the same position as the first part i.e. 6582 and the second part would be 5697. 6 will be taken from 1st part, 5 will be taken from2nd part, 5 would be taken from the first part, 6 from the second part, 8 from the 1st part, 9 from the second part, 2 from the first part and 7 from the second part. So the code is 65568927.

Example No. 5: If SHIVANI = 574, then GANESH =  ?
Sol: in this case, EJOTY of all the words has been added,multiplied by the number of letters in that word. SHIVANI => S = 19, H = 8, I = 9, V = 22, A = 1, N = 14, I = 9 => 19 + 8 + 9 + 22 + 1 + 14 + 9 = 82 × 7 ( .: there are 7 letters in the word SHIVANI), Similarly while making code for GANESH => 7 + 1+ 14 + 5 + 19 + 8 = 54 × 6 ( .: there are six letters) = 324 would be the code.

Example No. 6: If ACTIVITY = 24315137, Then ELEPHANT = ?
Sol: It involves the position of alphabet in the alphabetic order + 1. If it becomes a single digit number,  write it and if it is a two digit number then add it to get a single digit number as in question no. 13. Similarly ELEPHANT => E = 5 + 1 = 6, L = 12 +1 = 13 => 1 + 3 = 4, E = 5 + 1 =6, P = 16 + 1 = 17 => 1 + 7 = 8 and so on. The code will become 64689263.

Sol: In this question, firstly + 2, then + 3, +4, +5, +6,+7 and so on. Similarly when the code for the word ABDICTION is made firstly+2, then +3, +4, +5, + 6 and so on. The code will finally become DFIOJBNYY.

Example No. 8: If PERSON = THTWRP, then ENGINE = ?
Sol: Here P + 4 = T, E + 3 = H, R + 2 = T, Then S + 4 =W, O + 3 = R, N + 2 = R. The method for coding is +4, +3, +2. The code forENGINE will become E + 4 = I, N + 3 = Q, G + 2 = I, I + 4 = M, N + 3= Q and E +2 = G. Therefore the code is IQIMQG.

Example No. 9: If SILVER = HROEVI, then MEENAKSHI = ?
Sol : In this case, if the letter is at ‘nth’ position from the beginning then the letter at ‘nth’ position from the end is written. This can always be checked, whenever the sum of the number and its respective code is 27. Then the method applied for the coding would be this only. As in SILVER, S is 19 and its code H is 8 and the sum is 27. I is 9 and its code R is 18 and sum is 27. While coding MEENAKSHI, the same method coding will be applied. M is 13, so what should be added in 13 to make it 27 ( that is14), write the 14th letter which is N as the code for M. Similarly E is 5, find 22nd letter to make sum as 27 ( V is 22ndletter) and that is the code and so on. The code for the word MEENAKSHI will be NVVMZPSR.

Example No. 10: If A = E, B = F, C = G and H = L, how will the word COME BACK be coded in this code?
Sol : Here in this case, it can be checked that 4thletter has been made the code for every letter, in the same way, you can the 4thletter as the code for every letter i.e. COME BACK would become as C + 4 = G, O will be S and the code would become – GSQI FEGO.

* Sometimes the complete pattern of numbers/letters codes are given for coding and based upon that you have to code the words/numbers.

Example No. 11: The questions given below are based upon the following set of codes.
Digit    :     1     0     6     4     2     9     8     7     5
Code   :     M     O     X     L     S     T     N     H     P

A)  Find the code for 24750.
1.SLPHO         2. SHLPO         3. SLOPH             4. SLHPO

B)Find the code for 814005
1.NMLOOH        2.NMLPPO     3. NMLOOP             4.NLMOOP

Now here in this case, it can be verified that the code for the 2 is S, 4 is L, 7 is H, 5 is P and 0 is O.Therefore the code in the first case would become SLHPO and in the  second case the code would be NMLOOP.

Example No. 12: In a certain code. ‘sim ma kom’ means ‘bring me water’. ‘ma mo mok’ means ‘water is life’. ‘jka od sim’ means ‘give me toy’ and ‘mo min not’ means ‘life and death’. Which of the following is representing ‘is’ in that language?         2. ma            3.mok          4. min
Sol: Here in such questions by combining two groups, the code for one particular word can be decided.
In the first two coded sentences, the only code common is ‘ma’ and the only word common is ‘water’. This implies that ‘ma’ is the code for ‘water’. Similarly in the second and fourth coded sentences the only code common is ‘mo’ and the only word common is ‘life’. This implies that the code for the word ‘life’ is ‘ma’.After this in the second coded sentence the only code remaining is ‘mok’  and the only word remaining is ‘is’, So the  code for the word ‘is’ is ‘mok’.  

Example No. 13 : In a certain code, ‘952’ means ‘order my tape’ ‘849’ means ‘buy great tape’ and ‘246’means ‘buy my water’. Which of the following digits represents ‘great’ in that code?
1.2        2. 6            3.8            4. 5
Sol: Here by comparing sentence 1 and 2 get the code for the word ‘tape’ which is 9. By comparing second and third sentence get the code for the word ‘buy’, which is 4. So the remaining word in the second sentence is ‘great’ and the remaining code is 8. So the answer is 8 which is the third option.
  • Sometimes the coding is done in groups, i.e. only if the complete block can be decoded only then the questions can be answered. Look at the following example.
Example No. 14:
i.What is the code for G?
ii.What is the code for H?
iii.What is the code for S?
iv.What is the code for R?
Sol: In such cases, to every particular letter, the code assigned is the same. By combining two or three words, the code for 1 or 2letters can be decided. It will be solved like, in the word ‘HELLO’, there are two L’s and in the code there are two D’s. So the code for letter L is D. In the word GEORGE, there are two G’s and two E’s & in the code there are two F’s and Y’s so either of F and Y is the code for G. After this, take the word GUMS, in which there is G but not Y and code out of F and Y is only F. So F is the code for G. Similarly by comparing RAGS and HERO the code for R is O can be decided, because the only letter common is R and the only code common is O. Now when you have got the code for G, you can take the words GUMS and RAGS, in which besides G, S is also common and the second code common (besides F) is N.So N is the code for S and so on, the code for all the letters needed can be found out.

Sometimes a very different type of question is asked. In the directions four/five types of coding methods are given, then from the question itself you have to recognize which type of coding is done.

Example No. 15: Given below are five possible ways of coding a word. Study carefully and report which of the methods has been used in each case.

    1. GRAPES is coded as TFQBSH
    2. APPLE is coded as DSSOH
    3. ORANGE is coded as LOXKDB
    4. COCONUT is coded as OCOCUNT
    5. PINEAPPLE is coded as ELPPAENIP

1.1        2. 2            3.3            4. 4

In this question, it can be seen, that simply the code is made by interchanging the pairs  of letters as in the case of4th type. CO was made as OC, then again CO as OC, then NU as UN andt he last letter was alone, so it was just left. So the answer to this question is the 4th type of code, which is given as potion no. 4.

B. FLOPPY is coded as IORSSB.
1.5        2. 3            3.2            4. 1

In this question, the coding done is +3, i.e. every letter is replaced by a letter which is after three places in the alphabet, which is the case in the second type of coding. So second type of coding, which is given in  option no. 3, is the answer.

1.4        2. 3            3.2            4. 1

In this case, the coding done is +1 and writing it in the reverse order i.e.  as in first type of coding replacing everyl etter with its next =letter in the alphabetic order and then writing the code in the reverse order (the code for the first letter is written at the last position, the code of the second letter is written in the second last position and the code of the last letter is written at the first position).

1. 4        2. 3            3.5            4. 2

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