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Syllogism Mega Question Bank

Directions (Q. 1-71): In each question below there are three statements followed by four conclusions numbered, I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the  
given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

1. Statements:
a. No Cloud is Bird.
b. Some Goats are Birds.
c. All Cars are Goats.
I. No Car is Cloud.
II. Some Cars are Birds.
III. No Bird is Car.
IV. Some Clouds are Goats.
1) Only III follows
2) Only either II or III follows
3) Only I follows
4) Only I and either II or III follow
5) None of these

2. Statements:
a. All Grapes are Bananas.
b. All Potatoes are Bananas.
c. Some Bananas are Mangoes.
I. No Grape is Mango.
II. Some Potatoes are not Mangoes.
III. Some Grapes are Potatoes.
IV. All Mangoes are Grapes.
1) Only I follows
2) Either I or III follows
3) Only II & III follow
4) Only I, II & III follow
5) None of these

3. Statements:
a. Some Cats are Rats.
b. Some Rats are Ants.
c. Some Ants are Flies.
I. Some Flies are Cats.
II. Some Flies are not Ants.
III. No Rat is Fly. IV.No Cat is Fly.
1) Only I & IV follow 2) Only II follows
3) Only I & III follow
4) Only I or IV follows
5) None of these

4. Statements:
a. All Chalks are Dusters
b. Some Chalks are Boards.
c. Some Dusters are Pens.
I. Some Pens are Chalks.
II. Some Dusters are Boards.
III. Some Pens are Boards.
IV. All Chalks are Pens.
1) Either I or IV follows 2)Only II & III follow
3) Either I or IV & II follow
4) Only II follows 5) None of these

5. Statements:
a. Some Bags are Books.
b. All Books are Boxes.
c. No Box is Board.
I. Some Bags are not Boards.
II. Some Bags are not Boxes.
III. All Bags are Boxes.
IV. No Bag is Board.
1) Only I follows
2) I & either II or III folk
3) Only IV follows
4) Only II follows
5) None of these

Coded Relations

Coded Relations is another important topic for Bank Exams. You can easily get 5 marks with little logical thinking and concentration. It doesn't take much effort to solve these type of questions... All that you need is Concentration and lil practice to solve these type of questions 

1. If 'A X B' means 'A is the Daughter of B'. 'A + B' means 'A is the husband of B' and 'A - B' means ' A is the sister of B', then what does ' M + N - P X Q' Mean?
Sol : 

M + N - P X Q  => M is the Husband of N, N is the sister of P and P is the Daughter of Q.

N and P are sisters and the daughters of Q. Q is either mother or father of N and P. so M is Son-In-Law to Q.

Have a look at the below image for more clarifications.

Directions (2-3): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

    ' P X Q' means 'P is Sister of Q'
    ' P + Q' means 'P is mother of Q'
    'P - Q' means 'P is father of Q'
    'P % Q' means 'P is brother of Q'

2. Which of the following represents 'A is nephew of B'?
  1.     A % B - C
  2.     C % B - A
  3.     C X B + A X D
  4.     C % B - A % D
  5.     None of the Above
Sol : 

A is nephew of B means, A must be MALE. The symbols '-' and '%' indicate the male Gender. So, A must be followed by either '-' or '%'. So, checking of options 1 and 4 will be enough to solve this question. 

    1. A % B - C  => A is brother of B and B is father of C. Here, A is C's paternal Uncle. 

    4. C % B - A % D  => C is brother of B, B is father of A and A is brother of D. So here, A is son of B.

So the answer is, 5. None of the Above 

3. Which of the following represents 'W is Grand Father of H'??
  1. W + T - H
  2. W % T - H
  3. W X T + H
  4. W % T + H
  5. None of these

W is Grand Father of H means W must be a Male. The symbols '-' and '%' indicate the Male Gender. So, W must be followed by Either '-' or '%'. So, Obviously we have to check the options 2 and 4.

   2. W % T - H  => W is brother of T and T is father of H. Here, W is paternal uncle to H.

   3. W % T + H  => W is brother of T and T is mother of H. W is maternal uncle of H.

So the answer is, 5. None of these

Directions (4-5) : Following questions are based on the information given below.

   'P X Q' means 'P is father of Q'
   'P - Q' means 'P is sister of Q'
   'P + Q' means 'P is mother of Q'
   'P%Q' means 'P is brother of Q'

4. Which of the following represents 'J is son of F'?
  1. J % R - T X F
  2. J + R - T X F
  3. J % M - N X F
  4. Cant Say
  5. None of the above

J is son of F means J must be a Male. So, J must be followed by the symbols 'X' or '%". We have to check options 1 or 3.

  1. J % R - T X F => J is brother of R, R is sister of T and T is father of F. So, J is paternal uncle of F.

   3. J % M - N X F => J brother of M, M is sister of N and N is father of F. Here, J is paternal uncle of F.

5. In the expression B + D X M % N, how is M related to B?
  1. SOn
  2. Grand Daughter
  3. Grand Son
  4. Grand Daughter or Grand Son
  5. None of the above

B + D X M % N =>B is mother of D, D is father of M and M is brother of N. M is Grand Son of B.

Blood Relation-Set 2


  • If the question is "How is A related to B". Then you must know the gender of A to answer the question
    • Without knowing A's gender, you cannot determine the relation from A to B
  • If a person is Uncle or Aunt to "A", A is that person's nephew (if A is Male) or niece (if A is female)
  • Cousin is a common Gender (I mean, you can use this word for both Male and Female)
    • Ex : A says to B, "you are the son of my grand father's only son".
      • How is B related to A?
      • How is A related to B?
    • Ans : 
      • B is Brother of A.
        • My grand father's only son = A's father (grand father's only son means only ONE son.. No other son and no daughter also)
      • A is either brother or sister to B
        • A and B are siblings. B is brother to A as we know the Gender of B. But we dont know the Gender of A. So we cant say whether A is Brother or Sister to B.
Lets have a look at some practice problems :

  • The mother of Ranbir is the only daughter of  Neetu's  father. How  Neetu is related to Ranbir?
    • Sister
    • Mother
    • Aunt
    • Cant determine
    • None of These
           Answer : Mother
          Explnation : Only daughter of Neetu's father  = Neetu only.
           The mother of Ranbir is Neetu, so Neetu is the mother of Ranbir :D

Ex 1. ) Amit is the son of Ajit's grand father's only daughter. How is Ajit's father related to Amit?
    • Grand Father
    • Uncle
    • Father
    • Data Inadequate
    • None of these
             Answer : Father
Explanation : Ajit's grand father's only daughter means Ajit's mother. Amit is the son of Ajit's mother. So, Amit and Ajit are Siblings. Ajit's father is Amith's father too

Ex 2. )Pointing to a boy Rekha said, "He is the son of my mother-in-law's only Child". How is the boy related to Rekha?
    • Son
    • Grand Son
    • Nephew
    • Brother
    • Cant determined
                Ans : Son
Explnation : My mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's husband.The boy is the son of the Rekha's Husband. So obviuosly Rekha is the mother to that boy and that boy is the Son of Rekha.

Ex 3. )B is the husband of C. A is the sister of B. D is the sister of C. How is D related to B?
  • Son
    • Uncle
    • Sister-in-Law
    • Cant be determined
                Ans : Sister-in-Law
                Explnation : 
  •  B is Husband and C is his Wife. 
  • A is the sister of B, so A is the Sister-in-Law of C ( Husband's sister)
  • D is the sister of C so, D is the Sister-in-Law of B (Wife's Sister)

Ex 4. ) Pointing towards a girl, a Person said, "She is the only daugher of the only son of the wife of the father-in-law of my wife". How is the girl related to the Person?
Cant be Determined
Ans : Daughter
Explnation : 
  • Father-in-Law of my wife = Father in Law of the Person's Wife = Person's Father
  • Wife of the Father-in-law of my wife = Wife of the Person's Father = Person's Mother.
  •  Only son of Person's Mother = That Person only (because Person's parents dont have any other child)
  • So, she is the only daughter of Person as the Person does not have any other Children.
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