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Coding Decoding Solved Examples # 1

Example No. 1: If the word MAHESH is written as PDKHVK, then how will the word SEEMA be written in that code?

Sol: In this case three has been added in each of the letters in the word. This can be stated as that the third letter has been taken for each of the letters, i.e. two letters are left in the letter and its code.Therefore while coding SEEMA, add 3 in S and get V, similarly add 3 in E and get H, add 3 in E and get H, add 3 in M and get P and in the end add 3 in A and get D. The code for the word SEEMA will be VHHPD.

Example No. 2: If the word AMITABH is coded as HBATIMA, then how will you code the word ANUPAM?
Sol : In this the whole of the word is written in the reverse order only, then the word ANUPAM would also be written in the reverse order and MAPUNA would be obtained as answer.

Example No. 3: If HEMA => EHAM, Then REKHA = ?
Sol: In this one, the pairs of letters are interchanged,similarly the pairs in the word REKHA would be interchanged. And ERHKA, because A is the only letter that remains, and it would be written as it is.

Example No. 4: If the word RADHA is coded as QZCGZ, then how will you code the word PARVATI ?
Sol: In this case, -1 is done i.e. the previous letter of each of these alphabets is taken. Similarly while coding PARVATI, we will subtract 1 from each of the letters => P – 1 = O, A – 1 = Z, R – 1 = Q, V – 1 = U, A – 1 =Z, T – 1 = S and I – 1 = H, the code will be OZQUZSH.  

Example No. 5: If the word RAMESH is written as 181135198, how willyou write the word SUNITA?
Sol: Now in this case, simply the position of the alphabet is written i.e. R = 18, A = 1, M = 13 and so on. Similarly while making code for the word SUNITA, their alphabetical positions will be written i.e. S = 19, U = 21, N = 14, I = 9 and the
code will become 1921149201

Example No. 6: If RAM  => 32, then SHAM = ?
Sol: In this question, the code for the word RAM has been made by adding the positions of all the alphabets in the word i.e. R = 18, A =1, M = 13 Þ 18 + 1+ 13 = 32.Similarly when the code for the word SHAM would be made, it will be S = 19, H =8, A = 1 and M = 13 Þ 19 + 8 + 1 + 13 = 41.

Example No. 7: If ABHISHEK => BAIHTGFJ, then HRITIK = ?
Sol: In this case, both +1 & - 1 are applied. A + 1 =B, B – 1 = A, H + 1 = I, I – 1 = H, S + 1 = T, H – 1 = G, E + 1 = F and K – 1 =J, Similarly the code for the word HRITIK will be made i.e. H + 1 = I, R – 1 =Q and so on. The code will be IQJSJJ.

Example No. 8: In a certain code the word ADARSH is written as ZOZXYP, how would RADHA be written in the same code?
Sol: Now in this case, the coding done cannot be cracked easily. The simple method which is to be applied in this case is that all the letters of the word RADHA are present in the word ADARSH, so corresponding codefor each letter would be taken. Firstly take code for R i.e. = X, then take code for A i.e. = Z. Similarly taking the codes for other letters, the word RADHA would be coded as XZOPZ.

Example No. 9: If RAM =9, SUDHA = 25, RAMESH = ?
Sol: Now the logic applied here is very simple. There are3 letters in the word RAM, so its code is 32 = 9, similarly there are 5 letters in the word SUDHA, so 52 = 25. As there are 6 letters in the word RAMESH, so its code will be 62 = 36.

Example No. 10: If RAMESH = AEHMRS, then ANURADHA = ?
Sol: In this case, the coding is simply done in the increasing position of alphabets i.e. the dictionary order.
i.e.arrange the alphabets in the same order as they are in the actual alphabetic order. Firstly A comes, then E, then H, then M, R and S respectively. Similarly when the code for the word ANURADHA is made, it would be like AAADHNRU. 

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