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Odd Man Out

This is an easy topic, comparatively speaking.In this type of question, there are four or five options, out of which you have to choose, which one is odd i.e. which one is not related to others. In this case, the odd object could be based on an elementary feature, even or odd,gender, use and the applicability of the object. This concept can be made clear with some examples.

Directions: In each of the following questions, find the word, which is least like the others.

Example No. 1: Ram, Sham, Mohan, Seeta
Solution:Here in this case, it can be seen the odd would be Seeta on the basis of gender.

Example No. 2: Car, Jeep, Aeroplane, Bus.
Solution:In this case, the odd object would be airplane, because the rest three move on the road, but the airplane does not. This is odd on the basis of the elementary feature.

Example No. 3: 13, 17, 83, 45.
Solution:In this case, the odd would be 45, which is not a prime number and the rest of the three are a prime number.

Example No. 4: Book, Paper, Pencil and Sharpener.
Solution:Here all the items given are stationery items except book, therefore book is the answer.

Example No. 5: Carrot, Tomato, Ginger, Lemon.
Solution:Here all the vegetables grow underground except lemon. Therefore lemon is the answer.

Example No. 6: Chandigarh, Gangtok, Gandhinagar, Surat.
Solution:Here all the cities given are state capitals except Surat. Thus Surat is the answer.

Example No. 7: Cap, Helmet, Hat, Veil.
Solution: Here all the objects given cover the head, except veil, which covers the face and is the answer.

Example No. 8 : Ladyfinger, Strawberry, Plum, Mango.
Solution:Here all the objects are fruits except Ladyfinger, which is a vegetable.

Example No. 9: Broker, Salesman, Customer, Hawker.
Solution:In this case, all the persons are sellers to the customer except the customer.

Example No. 10: Correction, Improvement, Elevation, Betterment.
Solution: All others are something done to improve except elevation.  

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