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Important Relationships which are repeatedly asked in the examination

The son of my father  :          Myself or my brother
Mother’s or Father’s son  :       Brother
Mother‘s or Father’s daughter : Sister
The only brother of my father’s son : Myself or my brother
Mother’s brother  :                 Maternal uncle
Father’s brother  :                 Uncle  
Mother’s sister  :                   Maternal aunt
Father’s sister   :                   Aunt
Mother’s mother :                  Maternal Grandmother
Father’s mother :                  Grandmother
Mother’s father   :                  Grandfather

Father’s father   :                   Grandfather
Son’s wife  :                         Daughter – in –law
Daughter’s husband  :              Son– in – law
Husband’s or wife’s sister :       Sister-in-law
Husband’s or wife’s brother   :   Brother-in-law
Brother’s son   :                     Nephew
Brother’s daughter   :               Niece
Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter :Cousin
Sister’s husband :                   Brother-in-law
Brother’s wife :                      Sister-in-law
Grandfather’s only son  :           Father
Grandmother’s only son  :         Father
Grandfather’s son  :                 Father or uncle
Grandmother’s son   :               Father or uncle
Grandfather’s only daughter-in-law  :Mother
Grandmother’s only daughter-in-law  :Mother

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